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Is it worth replacing your laptop LCD screen?

If you happen to own a laptop, you will probably have noticed that the LCD display screen is by far the most fragile part of the device, and not surprisingly, they are often one of the first parts of the device to become damaged. As it is so easy to damage your LCD screen you need to be extra careful when handling your laptop. Sometimes however, accidents do happen and they can’t be avoided. What’s perhaps most shocking however, is that if the LCD screen does become damaged, many people will throw their laptops in the trash and will simply purchase a new one. In reality, replacing your laptop LCD screen is extremely easy for a professional, and even for an amateur it’s certainly not too difficult. Here’s a look at why it is worth replacing your laptop LCD screen, and exactly how it’s done.

To start with, get your tools and a replacement screen – Obviously if you’re replacing the screen, you will need a new screen to replace the damaged, old one, and they can easily be sourced online. You must ensure you get the right screen for your device, which can be sourced from the laptop manufacturer’s authorised replacement parts dealer. You will also need tools such as a screwdriver with replacement heads of different sizes, and small thin metal blades to help you easily remove the trim surrounding the screen.

Remove your screen bezel – Remove the battery and disconnect the power, then remove the bezel around the screen as this will allow access to the screws holding the screen in place.

Get rid of the damaged LCD panel – Now that the mounting brackets for the LCD panel are exposed, you can then remove the small screws that are attaching it to the lid. You should then carefully rest the display on its front on the case, and then carefully disconnect the cable, or cables.

Now install your new panel – Now it’s time to install the new replacement panel. Ensure it matches your old screen panel, and if you’re happy it does, carefully connect the cable, or cables, to the LCD panel, place the screen in position inside the lid, and then slowly screw it in place with the screws you removed.

Test the screen, then re-fit the bezel – You’re almost home and dry now, but before you finish, first, reconnect the power and the battery, then switch on your laptop. If it works, you can then reattach the bezel, the screws, and anything else you removed beforehand.

It is worth replacing your laptop LCD screen? – In a word…YES! As you can see, providing you source the right screen, replacing it is not a tricky task. It doesn’t take long, and it can save you literally hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands in fact. If you’re not confident with doing the fix yourself, if you source the parts, an expert will do it for you, and as it is only a quick fix, you won’t have to pay very much for the labour.