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Gopro Action Cameras: Hero3 and Hero4

The GoPro cameras are a fairly new addition to the market compared to the ones made by Nikon and Canon, these two companies have been playing this game for quite a while and are soon going to become a century old, whereas GoPro was founded just recently, in 2002.

Taking a look at the cameras themselves, you’ll notice that unlike traditional DSLRs or digital cameras in general, the GoPro cameras are specialized, where normal digital cameras would capture a blurred out image, the GoPro will give you an HD image capturing the moment, perfectly.

These cameras are part of a generation of cameras called the action cameras, manufactured to be used for adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts, they’re able to capture footage in extreme environments with little to no input from the user.

gopro hero 4

gopro hero 4


So let’s take a look at exactly what they are capable of doing.

The GoPro Cameras

So what exactly did we mean by action cameras? Well, the GoPro cameras are specialized and are capable of capturing all sorts of images and videos, whether you’re using it in combination with your phone to sync footage or just keeping it on your helmet while you go on a ride, the GoPro, the GoPro cameras are more than capable of capturing all the image you’ll ever need with no issues whatsoever.

Here’s a few of the basic features which are shared by the company’s recent cameras:

Capable of capturing splendid pictures, regardless of whether you’re in motion or not.
GoPro cameras are waterproof up to a depth of 40 meters, 131 feet.

These cameras are able to record at up to 240 fps in WVGA and 120 fps in 1080p, making it possible to record footage and slow it down without losing any quality, in other words, they’re HD slow motion cameras.


Their basic specifications

All of the lenses which GoPro has used in their cameras have had the same aperture, F2.8. The cameras are also able to capture multiple field of views, whether you want to focus on an object directly in front of you or simply want to capture it all in a single shot, the GoPro Hero cameras have got your back.

The basic design of the GoPro cameras has stayed the same for about a decade now, most of the cameras are mostly indistinguishable from each other and if it wasn’t for the camera’s name written under the screen, a new user wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


But what exactly makes these different versions different from each other?

GoPro Hero3

Although outdated, the Hero3 series currently consists of two models, the Hero3 White and Hero3+, the major difference between these two models is that the latter camera has the ability to record 1080p in 120 fps whereas the former can only manage 30 fps, other differences include the fact that the Hero3+ has a 10MP camera whereas the Hero3 White is limited to a 5MP camera.


And as far as usability and advanced features go, the two are pretty much the same with no relevant differences.

GoPro Hero4

The Hero4 improves on its predecessors by adding 4k resolution to the mix.

The Hero4 Black is capable of recording at 4k on 30 fps where as the Hero4 Silver is limited to 15 fps on the same resolution. These two cameras are also able to record on the various resolutions found between 4k and 1080p such as 2.7k and 1440p.

Both of these cameras have a 12 MP camera for capturing images and similar to previous models, they’re able to capture burst images at up to 30 high quality frames per second.

Other than the performance and functional differences, the physical differences between the various GoPro models have always remained minimal, one can rarely tell which camera a person is holding at a distance.