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Computer Laptops: Did they made life easier?

Technology has evolved a lot over the years. The first computer was as big as a room, while today a handheld device can do more than what anyone could have imagined previously. Somewhere in between the traditional personal computer era and the present cell phone era, came the time when laptops got famous. If you compare laptops that are existent now, to the ones that were ten or twelve years back, you’d realize how much we have progressed, and how far our technology has come. Nevertheless this in no way means that the older laptops were worst bets. The transformation wouldn’t have been possible if the older laptops were not what they were.

computer laptop

computer laptop

The older laptops definitely were a bit beefy than what we have now. With the embedded technology advancements our laptops have reduced greatly in size. The older laptops were pricey when compare to average laptops of today. This is not to say that an old laptop was costlier than an Apple laptop. But when you compare the features, performance and memory, the older laptops were definitely costlier. With the memory chip prices going low, today’s computers have larger memory and better performance for sure.

The good thing about the older laptops was that they wouldn’t go through the problems of low battery life or heated up batteries. This is because they had very simple applications back then which consumed less power. Today, there are umpteen applications and too many processes running at the same time. This is what makes our laptops’ batteries overwork and get heater up. Also, the older laptops were easy to assemble, repair or disassemble comparatively. They also had lesser problems related viruses, crashes or data thefts. Since only privileged few used to use laptops back then, a good usage standard and conduct were maintained, unlike today’s times.

Sony was among the first brands which started experimenting with creating laptops that performed well and managed themselves better. The choice of laptops in the past was much lesser compared to what we have now. Also, today’s cheaper laptops have enhanced the pace and the performance of work in many sectors. Today’s laptops are much easy to carry around. This brings in huge advantages when it comes to porting them from one location to another. With advancements like Wi-Fi, you can even connect to a network from any place and resume your work without any hiccups.

Another major factor that needs to be considered while comparing old and new computers is the look and feel of it. The modern computers definitely look sleeker and better. This however cannot take away the fact that the vintage look and simplistic outlook the old computer had was any less appealing. The newer laptops are definitely smarter, faster and aesthetically pleasing. The amount of work that they can do couldn’t surely be done by the older ones. The new ones are much evolved and have the capability to match up to the current trends and demands. The beauty of the good old laptops certainly remains intact; however, practically, newer ones are much better.