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Common Faults of a Desktop Computer Power Supply

If you have a desktop that works fine, but occasionally displays the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” which is an indication that something is seriously wrong, then you may have issues with your PC power supply. The good news is that correcting the issues that are being caused by the PC power supply is relatively straightforward. However, you’ll have to properly identify that it is the power supply itself that is causing the issues to occur in your desktop.

computer power supply

computer power supply

When PC Power Supplies Start to Fail

There are a number of reasons why a power supply inside a desktop can start to fail, starting with simply being inferior or defective when installed in a computer. Desktop computers often consist of parts that are obtained from different sources, so it is not all that uncommon that a top of the line PC may have an inferior or insufficient power supply inside. However, there are other reasons why a power supply may be causing issues with your computer.

Dust: Dust inside any computer is not good news, but it can affect the power supply more readily because of the air intake and exhaust features. Such issues are usually characterized by unexpected reboots of the computer, failures of the hard disk or startup procedure or even USB drive failures as well. The intermittent nature of these issues may indicate that dust buildup is a real issue.

Upgrade: If you have upgraded your PC with new equipment or hardware that may be too much for the power supply to handle. An extra hard drive, DVD player or additional memory can overwhelm some power supplies which mean that you should be looking for a replacement.

How to Fix your PC Power Supply Issues

The basic solution is a simple one. Replace the defective unit with one that is capable of handling any new upgrade that you have made to your desktop. While most of these units can be replaced fairly easily, you will need to be mindful of all the connectors so that you will properly hook the new unit in correctly.

So, you may want a professional to change out the power supply for you to ensure that it is done correctly. In addition to correcting the power issues with your computer, you may find that your PC operates far more quietly if the new unit contains better, quieter fans.

In addition, you should clear the dust away from the inside of your computer and be sure that your desktop is getting plenty of airflow so that if dust was the culprit before, it will not become an issue again with your new power supply. You can use your vacuum cleaner to pull away all the dust while your computer is off and then clean around the vent area on a regular basis to ensure that there is no new accumulation.

If your computer is acting strange, particular after it has been upgraded with new equipment, memory or graphics units, then you should check out your PC power supply as that may be the issue.