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Are Computers really that difficult to repair?

We’re currently living in what many people refer to as the ‘digital age’, due to the fact that so many different aspects of everyday life now rely so heavily on computers and modern technology. Over the last few decades, technology has advanced at an extraordinary rate, with computers literally changing and revolutionising the world for the better. Statistically, almost 90% of all households now own a computer device in one way or another, yet most people would freely admit to not knowing how they work, or how they can be repaired.

computer repairs and service

computer repairs and service

Knowing how to repair your computer is like knowing how to change a flat tyre on your car – it isn’t essential, but it could save you money and make life so much easier. Here’s a look at a few basic steps on how to repair a damaged computer. If you prefer having it repaired by a professional, there are many good technicians and small companies in this computer tech directory that can do good computer repairs.

Get rid of malware and viruses – Malware and computer viruses can be bad news for computer owners and they potentially cause a great deal of damage. When some people’s computers become infected with viruses, people think the computer is done for and will throw it out or replace it with a brand new model. In reality, many pieces of malware and different viruses can easily be removed. You can pick up antivirus software, you can try system restores, or you can take the computer to a specialist, who should be able to remove the viruses from your device for a very reasonable price. If you know the virus name that hit your PC, you can checkout the free virus removal tools – Security Response Removal Tools – Symantec Corp.

Reinstall your operating system – If your computer is becoming slow, jumpy, laggy, and generally unpredictable, it isn’t necessarily ready to be replaced, instead, it may just require the operating system to be reinstalled. Most computers will have CDs, DVDs, installation disks, and factory restore options allowing you to easily reinstall your operating system. Before you do this however, ensure that you backup any crucial files you may have. On a Dell PC, see the step by step instruction – Repair Reinstall the Operating System | Dell Australia.

Upgrade your hard drive or RAM – Sometimes, all that is required to help speed up your computer and to help extend its life is to upgrade the RAM or your device’s hard drive. Providing that you purchase the right RAM for your computer, upgrading it should be relatively simple. When it comes to upgrading the hard drive, things could be slightly more complex as you may need to reinstall windows or even move your current operating system over, if you happen to be relacing the existing hard drive on your computer.

Recover any important deleted files – Sometimes, important files may accidentally become deleted which could severely affect the performance of your computer. The good news is that once they have been deleted, they can also luckily be recovered once again.

So there you have it, just a few steps which you can take to help save yourself a great deal of time and money by replacing your existing computer with an expensive brand new one which truthfully may not be required. The steps listed above are relatively simple to follow, so search online for basic step by step guides on what to do, or alternatively speak to specialists who will be able to do it in a matter of minutes.


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