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Apple Computers versus Normal Computers

Apple Computers versus IBM Compatible Computers

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that computers have conquered today’s world in many ways. Because of the demand computers have, many brands compete in the market to their versions of the device. The current market is dominated by two competitors, one, the Apple computers, and the other, IBM compatible computers which are nothing but non-Apple computers that run on IBM’s motherboard. Both these categories of computers have loyalists. It is absolutely very hard to impartially declare one to be better than the other. Instead, the features need to be matched with the preferences you have, and which ever matches your preference is the best for you.

apple computer

apple computer

Feature Comparison

Both the computer categories have their share of pros and cons. There are people who would vouch on one category, and deem the other one to be worthless. However, a practical approach towards comparing both is to compare their key features. By doing so, you will get a fair idea about the type of computer you’d want to go for.

Here are some of the key features a computer must be gauged with:

Price – The battle among the two categories somewhat meets a stalemate when the question is about the price. While some people believe that the features and the experience that the product renders makes it a worthy buy, many believe in the number the price tag puts forth. The Apple computers surely cost higher and the maintenance also turns out to be expensive. While this is acceptable to Apple fanatics, many would argue that even good IBM computers from brands like Dell or Lenovo come in a better price range.

Operating System – The Apple has its proprietary OS while IBM computers mostly run on different flavours of Windows. When it comes to performance, internal management and memory handling, Apple Macintosh definitely scores high. The operations are very stable compared to any Windows machine.

Supported Software – Though Apple computers have a lot of essential compatible software, the variety that is prevalent for Windows is not there. This makes it easy for people to use the IBM compatible computers. They then get the flexibility of using numerous kinds of software without much hassle.

Hardware Quality – When it comes to Apple computers, one thing that is not compromised is quality. Whether it is the internal parts or the external ones, you’d certainly find that better and durable materials would be used. When it comes to IBM compatible computers, to keep up with the price competition, many brands compromise over the material quality which could reduce the life of the hardware.

As stated earlier, it is very hard to declare one of the computer categories as the winner. If you are very particular about having a professional and the finest quality computer in every way, then Apple computer should be your choice. But if you want to have flexibility, low maintenance, easy to manage and cost effective computer, then IBM compatible systems suit you the best.